Donations to philanthropic causes

Interogo Foundation is an Enterprise Foundation (Unternehmensstiftung), not a charity foundation. However, Interogo Foundation can donate to philanthropic causes.

Interogo Foundation annually donates EUR 5 million to the Berta Kamprad Foundation in Sweden, with the purpose of supporting cancer research mainly at Lund University, Sweden, and to other recipients involved in cancer research.
In addition, the various companies owned by Interogo Foundation make donations for a range of other philanthropic purposes. The most important of these is the Inter IKEA Group donations to the Sweden-based Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research and Charity.

In 2011, Inter IKEA Group made an initial donation of EUR 100 million to the Kamprad Family Foundation. In the following five years (2012-2016) Inter IKEA Group made annual donations of EUR 29 million.

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