Interogo Holding AG

The governance of Interogo Holding is ultimately guided by the purpose of Interogo Foundation.

Interogo Foundation is the ultimate shareholder of Interogo Holding AG. There are no other shareholders in the company. 

Governance of Interogo Holding AG

In exercise of its shareholder rights, Interogo Foundation appoints the Board of Directors of Interogo Holding AG at the shareholder meeting. Interogo Foundation also approves the annual accounts prepared by the board and appoints the auditors for the company.

The governance of Interogo Holding AG is ultimately guided by the purpose of Interogo Foundation.

Interogo Holding AG

Interogo Holding AG is an international investment business with its parent company in Switzerland that focuses on the following investment strategies:

Private equity: Investing globally in the private equity market directly and through funds, secondaries and co-investments.

Real estate: Investing in European real estate markets by focusing on developing and managing assets in the commercial, residential and hotel segments.

Long-term equity: Acquiring significant equity holdings in profitable and sustainable European companies. The strategy includes listed, soon-to-be listed and private companies.

Infrastructure: Acquiring holdings in infrastructure companies that are recession resilient and have stable cash flows.

Liquid assets: Investing globally in a portfolio of listed securities, mainly equities and fixed income.

Interogo Holding’s investments help create financial strength and build the reserves required to secure independence and longevity for Interogo Foundation, and to ensure the foundation's ability to live up to its purpose.

Annual Reports of Interogo Holding AG

Annual reports of Interogo Holding AG can be downloaded online from its website.

Interogo Holding Annual Reports

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